Breathe Life into Your Soil Use Full Circle Probiotics for Plants

How to Use for the healthiest soil


1. Use as component ingredient in planting and potting mixes at 1:10 (by volume or weight) to 1:20. Avoid using potting mixes containing synthetic fertilizer.

2. Top feed indoor & outdoor deck containers or potted plants every three to four weeks before watering. Sprinkle approx. three tablespoons for an 8-10” pot, four for 12-16” or every sq foot of surface root zone. Soil replacement may still be needed every other year.

3. Replenish your vegetable/perennial beds in any season. 1 lb or 4 cups combined with 20+lbs of leaf humus covers 100sf. Double your coverage (1lb per 50sf) if fungal infestation exists and repeat every two weeks for six weeks to improve soil biology. We are Not a pesticide or fungicide, but we do believe our beneficial bacteria outcompetes the bad guys if introduced early and often!

4. Use as top dressing for lawn/turf rejuvenation in combination with leaf humus in spring and fall to improve soil biology. Use when overseeding in the fall. 1 lb or 4 cups combined with 20+lbs leaf humus covers 100sf. Double your coverage (1lb per 50sf) to outcompete fungal issues; we are not a fungicide.  We recommend and it is required in some states to get a soil test before applying any amount of phosphorus to your lawn between May and November unless you’re seeding or overseeding. Full Circle is great for problem spots caused by female dog urine.

5. Full Circle Plant Probiotic is necessary for overworked, overfertilized, and sterilized (from herbicides) soils. Beneficial microbes are absolutely necessary for healthy plants and assist in nutrient uptake at the roots, just as our digestive system requires a healthy microbial balance to allow uptake of similar nutrients and minerals. Full Circle is “yogurt for plants.”

Click Image for YouTube Tutorial
Click Image for YouTube Tutorial