Breathe Life into Your Soil

Full Circle Nature's Original Plant Food® is the purest soil probiotic and conditioner.

The only food your plants and turf will ever need!

Full Circle is a beneficial microbial soil inoculant and natural nutrient fertilizer

Using Full Circle is the best way to grow plants and vegetables without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

Ultra safe in your garden or plant containers, feeding your vegetables, improving your turf and shrub health by improving the soil biology. Pet friendly!  Safe, easy handling.  Safe to use near water features.

Perfect 2-in-1 combination of organic plant food and probiotic, beneficial microbes needed to assist uptake at the root zone. Full Circle contains the full compliment of beneficial microbes, essential minerals, nitrogen (1.5%), phosphorus (.6%), and potassium (1.5%), the highest nutrient percentage compared to our competitors. With our product the high percentages found in synthetic plant food are unnecessary.

Horticultural specialists (red wigglers) create the secret ingredients your plants, turf, and trees crave for good health. The wigglers bring you this complete and highly consistent probiotic plant food from dairy compost, impossible to get from vegetable or yard waste compost.

This is not dehydrated cow manure.  It has been composted with silage, aerated to kill pathogens and weed seeds, then fed to our workers.  These workers provide exactly what plants need, to thrive without the factory chemicals that have been put into our gardens.

Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels whose byproducts are significant ingredients of synthetic fertilizers. Use compost or leaf humus with Full Circle to reduce the water soluble runoff from synthetic fertilizers harming our estuaries.

Full Circle will improve a plant’s ability to tolerate stress from drought, insects, and pathogens while promoting the plant’s growth and health.

About Us

Start off right

Just like yogurt aides our digestive system, Full Circle's beneficial bacteria helps a plant's root zone.

Protect what we love

It is pet friendly, easy handling, safe to use near water features, and estuaries. 


No harmful chemicals means no damage to our environment. 


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