Breathe Life into Your Soil Use Full Circle Probiotics for Plants

Breathe Life into Your Soil Use Full Circle Probiotics for PlantsBreathe Life into Your Soil Use Full Circle Probiotics for Plants

Customer Reviews


Tom M., Delaware

After years of regular synthetic fertilizer treatments I had a large patch of weak turf in the front lawn I could not cure. It appeared to have a common turf fungus problem. This summer we decided to use Full Circle on this patch, and the results were wonderful. After two applications over four weeks it appeared the beneficial bacteria in Full Circle were effective in out-competing the bad guys, and the turf greened up even through the hot days of August. Thanks again for your great lawn care product.

Chip L., Virginia

I have been planting a garden for over 30 years, used your Full Circle Probiotic for plants for the first time this year, and have never had such full-bodied plants full of awesome fruit, banana peppers, green peppers, zucchini, etc..  I can’t wait until the tomatoes start to ripen!


Angelia and Kevin R., Maryland

I admit we were a little skeptical at first with your Full Circle Plant Probiotic. We prepare our beds with leaf humus every year and typically have a lush and healthy garden.  Last year I used the Full Circle plant food when I addressed our small patch of strawberries. They were literally the best tasting strawberries we have ever harvested! Thanks so much!  We’re believers.

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I wanted to let you know how your soil probiotic has helped me in the past few months! I first top dressed some houseplants that were not thriving, especially from shorter days in the wintertime.  They are now healthier and putting out new growth!

I also top dressed some large indoor plants at one of my interiorscape accounts. These plants do not receive ideal light  but do survive.  They now appear healthier with new foliage!

Last of all I mixed some Full Circle Probiotic in my soil mix for sweet basil seedlings early spring.  The basil is thriving and has no problems with damping off, botrytis, or downy mildew!

Thanks for introducing me to Full Circle Soil Probiotic!  I will continue its use throughout my growing season.

Tom R., Maryland

I just wanted to send you an email and let you know how happy I am with the Full Circle Plant Probiotic I bought from you at the Howard County Greenfest. I had planted a Double Knockout Rose bush in our garden in the spring of last year and after the initial blooms, nothing! This spring I was ready to pull it up when I ran into you and decided to give your product a try. The plant now looks great and has done well all summer!  At the moment it has 8

blooms on it!

Jeniffer F., Coopersburg, PA

"I cannot tell you how much difference there is in my plants since starting Full Circle ! I bought it because I believe 100% in probiotics as our entire family takes them daily, so I thought why not try it on my plants.  The results speak for themselves. My petunias are exploding . A local nursery who came to survey my land for some landscaping asked me what I do to make them so big… She was so very blown away by their size. Thank you for the wonderful product!