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Frequently asked questions


Where can I find Full Circle?

Products may be purchased online, or at regional distributors. 

Are organic fertilizers effective and affordable?

Try Full Circle and see how just a little amount with minimal effort can help create vibrant, bountiful plants. The cost of not using an organic solution is really our biggest concern.

How often should I feed my plants?

Depending on your plant, as little as once every few weeks is all that is needed. Stay up to speed on your plant's specific nutritional requirements by checking our blog or clicking on our Contact page and emailing us your question.

Does my state restrict the use of fertilizers?

A growing number of states now limit or prohibit completely the use of certain chemicals and synthetic soil additives as more has been learned about their negative impact on the environment. With Full Circle you may avoid those risks.

What are the benefits of using organic fertilizers?

Healthy soil, watersheds, bees...people. The food chain is an open system where inputs occur at multiple points. Knowing that synthetic chemicals ultimately harm us means starting with organics is the only sustainable solution.

Whom should I trust when it comes to buying plant food?

Read the latest research and product reviews, talk to your neighbors, but ultimately trust your own senses! See, smell, touch and taste the difference Full Circle makes.