Good Soil Structure

Adding humus and worm castings to soil improves its structure.  How?

  • Worm castings are full of beneficial microorganisms which benefit soil and the root zone.
  • Humus/organic matter create soil spaces for air and water. These spaces allow the microorganisms room to grow and reproduce.
  • Air spaces enhance root growth by making it easy for the roots to travel through the soil.
  • Aerated soil increases rain absorption and decreases runoff.
  • Good soil structure creates a perfect environment for earthworms to live which continue to aerate the soil.

Adding humus and worm castings to your soil on a regular basis ensures continued good soil structure and a healthy root zone.

soil airspaceA healthy root system needs plenty of air spaces in the soil to grow and reach the water and nutrients.

soil air 2

Well-structured soil has plenty of space for air, water and nutrients.


Good soil structure has space for roots to grow.