Cymbidium orchid

There is nothing better to brighten a dreary winter day than a beautiful orchid flower!  Some think the orchid is difficult to care for but there are just three important things to remember.

These things are proper light, proper soil media, and proper watering.images

Dendrobium orchid

1- Light needs to be bright but not hot direct sun.  I keep my orchids on a northwest kitchen windowsill where the light is bright but not direct.  It is filtered by the trees outside.  The plants are also high enough to discourage my cats from chewing on the leaves.

2- Proper soil media should not be soil at all but a mix of bark, charcoal or other loose soil-less media.  Retail stores carry special orchid mix which works great.  Do not use regular potting mix which is too dense for orchids.  Orchid roots need air space or they will rot.

3- Proper watering is very important.  Orchids naturally live as epiphytes growing in tree notches and on the bark of trees in tropical regions.  Rain water runs over the plant and catches in the nooks and crannies where it is used by the plant or soon evaporated.  Potted orchids need water running through and out of the pot without sitting inside a decorative container or saucer.  The roots need air circulation.  Keeping the plants by the kitchen sink is convenient because I can let the faucet run rover the plant and out the pot right over the sink.  I also see them every day so they are not forgotten.  Orchids need to be watered frequently as in every day or every other day.

Full Circle Plant Probiotic can be fed once a month when watering.  An even better choice is to use Full Circle Plant Tonic when watering.


Phalaenopsis orchid

Be sure to visit the Maryland Home and Garden Show March 11-13, 2017 at the MD State Fair Grounds for the MD Orchid Society Show and Sale!  There will be beautiful displays and many orchids for sale.

Another place to see some beautiful orchids is the Rawlings Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Baltimore, MD.


Paphiopedilum orchids, aka. ‘Slipper Orchids’

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