Holiday Flowers

By: H. Robertson


Thanksgiving time is here again.  One common floral gift is the Florist Cyclamen.  They are beautiful, but how does one keep them that way?

Florist Cyclamen are frost tender but do like cool temperatures.  While flowering, they should be kept below 68 degrees F with nights even cooler, if possible.  Temperatures above 68 degrees F may induce dormancy.  That may be why the flowers don’t last too long once one gets it home!white-cyclamen

Leaves and flowers sprout from the top of a tuber in white, pink, red, lavender or fuchsia.  Place plant near a window but not in full sun.  Keep soil moist but plant must not sit in water!  If it came with a decorative pot cover, remove it.  Air flow to the root system is needed.  If leaves are twisted or stunted it may have cyclamen mites.  These are not spider mites and flourish in humid conditions unlike the spider mite which likes dry conditions.  Remove infested leaves.


After flowering, reduce watering and place pot on its side in a cool spot and keep dry till summertime. Repot the tuber with the soil level half-way up the tuber.  Place in a cool, well-lit area.  Keep moist.  Enjoy, when it blooms again!

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