Community Gardens

For those who live in an apartment, condo, or similar housing with little place for a garden there are opportunities for you to still enjoy gardening and a flower or vegetable harvest.
First would be to plant containers on a patio, deck, or balcony. Use a phone app or compass to understand the orientation of your setting, check your available sunlight during different times of day, and choose plants according to full sun, morning or afternoon sun, or very little sun, plus how much watering you’re willing to do!

A second option is to rent or co-op a plot in a community garden, a growing trend. It is late in the season to start certain vegetables from seed, but pepper and tomato transplants are available at most garden centers. Some cool-season vegetables can be planted from seed now and harvested in the fall. Children in the household will learn lifetime lessons about the growing process.
children gardening

These links can help you locate a garden plot possibility near you.

American Community Garden Association website and locator page

University of Maryland Agriculture Extension website

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society community garden locator page

PHS community garden handbook for Philadelphia area

University of Delaware Agriculture Extension website page

District of Columbia Dept of Parks and Recreation community gardens

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